Tax & Investment Strategies to grow

and keep more of your wealth. 

Ever wondered why the "wealthy" pay such a low tax rate?
Grow your wealth through smart investments, and keep more of your wealth by reducing your taxes.  
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Brent Bement, CPA, CVA

Brent is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and Certified Public Accountant who currently serves as the President of Bement & Company CPAs, a reputable tax advisory firm headquartered in Utah. He and his wife commenced investing in real estate in 2008, right before the 2008 market crash, and have since been persistent in their investment pursuits. Bement & Company offers tax planning and preparation services to clients across all 50 states of the US.

Outside of his professional life, Brent is a devoted family man with five children. He takes pleasure in exploring new places, camping, archery hunting, target shooting, and indulging in any outdoor activity.

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Here are the options for getting help with your tax and investment strategies. 
Our goal is to make your investments and tax savings cover the cost many times over.



Top features

  • Tax Savings:
    Learn about tax credits and deductions to save money.
  • Investment Knowledge:
    Get insights into smart investment strategies.
  • Expert Advice:
    Host Brent Bement is a CPA and CVA and CEO with years of experience.
  • Current Topics:
    Stay up-to-date with changes in tax laws and investment opportunities.
  • Convenience:
    Listen anytime, anywhere, and fit financial education into your busy schedule.
  • Large and Growing Library making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their financial knowledge.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: 
    Covering a broad range of topics related to tax and investment strategy, including real estate investing, retirement planning, and business strategy. Excellent for anyone looking to grow and keep more of their wealth.

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  • Training and Support: 
    Receive professional training and support as you learn how to grow your wealth, apply tax saving strategies, explore a variety of investment opportunities, form businesses, work toward financial freedom and retirement and investment planning.
  • Expert-Led Group Calls:
    Get your personalized questions answered on our live sessions with Brent Bement.
  • Comprehensive Resources:
    Unlock past recordings, online templates, worksheets, and financial calculators.
  • Exclusive Online Courses:
    Learn from industry expert through detailed courses on a variety of topics.
  • Professional Network:
    Connect with attorneys, financial advisors, and bookkeepers for tailored advice.
  • Preferred Providers:
    Receive introductions to top-rated service and software providers.
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Brent Private Client

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  • One on one strategy sessions to cover your specific investments, opportunities, tax strategy implementation and support, or fund raising goals

  • Business Structuring: Receive specific advice and business structuring assistance and set up. 

  • Direct email and phone access to Brent Bement throughout the process.

  • Net Worth Tracking & Tax Projections:
    Stay informed with net worth updates and quarterly tax projections, allowing you to avoid surprises and maximize available deductions and strategies.

  • Ideal for business owners, investors, clients seeking business exits/sales, tax reduction, new business structuring, real estate investors implementing cost segregation, accelerated depreciation strategies, family foundation establishment, estate planning, and beyond.

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